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6" x 6" T
4" x 4" T

Beige Antique
16" x 16" B& H
12" x 12" T, B& H
6" x 12" T
6" x 6" T
2" x 4" H, T
2cm Slab Unfilled & Brushed
16" x 16" C & H       2" x 4" H, T
16" x 24" C & H            6" x 6" T
12" x 12"H, B&H, T     6" x 12" T
8" x 8" C & H
8" x 16" C & H
2cm Slab Honed
Golden Rustic
12"x12" H,P
3cm Slab Honed
3cm Slab Honed
List of available Finishes in: H- Honed; P- Polished; T- Tumbled; B- Brushed; Multi- Multicolor; C=Cobbled
12" x 12" H, T
6" x 6" T
Persian Gold
12" x12" H, P
4" x 4" T
​2cm Slab Polished
Travertine is a mineral consisting of a massive, usually layered, calcium carbonate (as aragonite or calcite). It is formed through the accumulation of calcite from hot springs. Travertine contains lots of holes that were formed from water flowing through the stone. These holes are often filled with synthetic resins or cements. Some varieties of travertine take a polish and are known commercially as marble. Travertine is usually a cream or reddish color. Some varieties of travertine take a polish and are classified commercially as a marble and a limestone.

Typical finishes for Travertine are:

   Polished:glossy surface which brings out the full color and character of the limestone.

   Honed: a satin smooth surface with little or no gloss.

   Sawn: a comparatively rough surface; can be chat, shot, sand or diamond sawn. 

Other Finishes:

   Sand Blasted: matte textured surface finish with no gloss; finished by application of a steady flow of sand and water pleasure.

  Bush-Hammered: a mechanical process which produces textured surface; textures vary from subtle to rough. 
Persian Red
12" x12"  P
4" x 4" T
2cm Slab Polished
Red Mexican
12" x 12" H
6" x 6" T
4" x 4" T