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Well-known for its regal timeless elegance, beautiful color pallet choices and durability that will last through the years. It's a favorite natural stone choice for Home Owners & Designers alike.
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O.F.I. Product Line
Being naturally translucent, this rare stone can offer your clientele limitless possibilities using design lighting element options to achieve their very own unique and one-of-a-kind project. Treat
 it the same as you would a marble
With its inherent fossil & shell characterisitics found throughout, it can easily be showcased to help transform your client's finished project looking for a soft, natural stone appearance.
Ideal for heavy traffic areas for both home or commercial client projects focusing on both durability and value. This stone also offers a natural, rustic look to outdoor patios, pool surrounds and walkway projects.
We offer a plethora of mosaics with different designs, colors, and finishes. So whether your client is wanting to use them for accents, to make custom borders, or use as a full floor/ wall pattern, their choices are endless.
Our large collection of mosaic borders have been specially designed and created for OFI with our factories overseas. Sizes range in 2"-6" x 12", often have at least 2-3 different colors per piece and come in different finishes.
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 Marble, Quartzite, Onyx, Limestone, and Travertine.